Monday, October 3, 2011

Two Weeks Break

I won't have a new post for the next two weeks. I am off to Vienna to give a talk at 
the Pixel Animation Conference. Feel free to leave comments on any post you'd like, I will be checking them.
When I get back I will have some very cool material for you, pencil tests as well as artwork.
Like the guy on public radio over here says: "Be well, do good work, and keep in touch."


  1. best wishes for the conf, Andreas! enjoy your stay ...

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  3. Hey Andreas!

    I've listened to interviews you've done with Clay Kaytis and The Animation Guild, and have seen some great footage of you speaking about your work and influences at the Van Eaton Galleries and "The Animation Insiders" panel for Creative Talent Network. I've been very inspired by your blog and all of the great insight it has to offer.

    Recently, I paid homage to some of my favorites over at WDAS, and caricatured some of you guys. You're on there, as well a few others. Enjoy it- and with my very best regards, I hope to at least garner a chuckle through your likeness.

    -Ryan Jouas

  4. Hola Andreas, soy animador tradicional español, y la verdad es que me encanta como trabajas, simplemente te quería decir que yo soy uno de los mayores defensores de la animación tradicional, el cual sigue apostando por esta técnica, que a mi me parece que son las raices de todo tipo de animación. Y al encontrar este blog, veo que tu también eres partícipe de ese impulso y reivindicación sobre esta técnica, lo cual es de agradecer.

    Por favor, sigue así, que tu trabajo nos inspira a muchos a seguir adelante en este medio para contar historias que es la animación tradicional.

    Un abrazo.

    Julián Lominchar Martínez.

  5. Have a great time Andreas. really looking forward to seeing more pencil tests!

  6. Disney-soundtracks worldwide – radio show next sunday

    Hi Andreas, thanks for sharing the timeless an international beloved amination classics with us.
    As we see, this forum brings fans from all countries together and as if Walt knew it decades before internet started: ‘It’s a small world’.

    Perhaps you and the thousands reading this want to join a one-hour-trip by radio through the international soundtrack history of Disney with a lot of drawings this time only in our minds.

    ‘Disney worldwide’, next Sunday from 6 p.m. western european summertime (best brunchtime for California, Jausenzeit in Wien)

    Annifrid from Abba sings the dwarfsong in Swedish, Mulan has her reflection in mandarin, and we hear an Italian O’Maley, who in Rome is called ‘Romeo’. ‘Bella Notte’ sung by Tony and Joe in their mother language is even more romantic as the original.

    Und der ‘Lichtschein auf dem Wasser’ von Katja Epstein aus ‚Elliot, das Schmunzelmonster’ ist nie auf CD erschienen und ich habe es auf einer gut erhaltenden Kinderhörspielplatte gefunden.

    Join, if you like, and leave a mail-message if you enjoy.

    Next Sunday, october 9th, 6pm via live-stream right down button ‘sr3-online-radio’

    Zip a dee doo dah!


  7. Good luck in Vienna! Hope it goes well.

  8. I'm sure you're going to adore Vienna and you'll find artistic inspirations there. I'm a Cinderella's lover as you are and I remember finding me between palaces and carriages, it almost seemed to be in a Mary Blair painting. Don't miss the Prater park, it's lovely! Good luck with your conference... We will miss you!

  9. Bon voyage and let me take this opportunity to thank you so much again for creating this blog!

  10. Why wasn't Hercules included in the drawing? :)

    Safe travels!

  11. No don't leave!!! Have a safe trip. Great drawing. Good thing Mickey and Lilo have King Triton to fend off those villains.

  12. Have fun and have a safe trip!

  13. thank you very much Mr. Deejazz ..
    I hope your trip turn to be excellent, and I hope you dazzle in everything you accomplish! :)

  14. Hope you have a good job. I love the drawing of all the characters together!

  15. Hallo Andreas! Ich bin seit langen schon ein großer Bewunderer deiner Arbeiten, du bist ein ausgezeichneter Animator und inspirierst mich total!
    Ich bin 19 jahre alt und studiere gerade Grafidesign, danach möchte ich auch irgendwo ins Ausland (Am liebsten in die USA) und Animation studieren, mein traum wäre es natürlich in den großen Disney oder Dreamworks Animationen zu arbeiten. Allerdings kann ich mir vorstellen das es bis dahin noch ein harter und steiniger Weg wird, aber ich gebe nicht auf, schließlich ist es hart aber nicht unmöglich! Auch ich betreibe so oft ich kann Naturstudien bei Mensch und Tier, indem ich mit meinen Skzzenbuch in Zoos oder so gehe!
    Ich bin froh das ich einen/deinen Blog gefunden habe wo man dir wenigstens sogar schreiben kann! Ich erwarte keine Rückantwort von dir ich hoffe nur das du das liest damit du weißt was für ein großes Vorbild du bist! :)

    Liebe Grüße aus deiner alten Heimat Deutschland wünscht dir,


  16. Mickey meets the next generation. Like the sketch.

  17. Your work is great, such an big inspiration to us all to draw more, and more, and more..

  18. king triton is so cool, can you show us more of king triton?

  19. Have a safe flight, sir ! gggrrr.. I read about the dinner in Vienna on the AM forum, I wish I could attend. But I'm in Australia, darn it.

  20. Hiya!
    This is Anna Molla from the Pixel (we talked at the party and I was lucky enough to have you give me feedback on my, the 'censored' one... I just wanted to say thank you again. It was lovely meeting you and your feedback was really helpful!

    (I actually only created this blog to be able to thank you here).

    I'm really looking forward to your next projects and can't wait to see them!

    So, yeah, thanks again! Thanks for making the Pixel such a great experience for me! :)

    All the best!

  21. Hello Andreas,

    Here's the link to the interview we did at Pixel:

    Thanks again and please let me know if got anything wrong so I can correct it.

    lg martin.mrt

  22. I'm having withdrawals from no new posts on your blog. For me this is what I look forward to more than anything during the week.

  23. Hi Andreas, I admire and love your work and all disney's last generation animators. You have been a big inspiration to me and a reason to not stop drawing, I hope to see very soon some posts of king Triton :)