Monday, December 5, 2011

Happy Birthday, Walt!

Today is Walt Disney's 110th birthday.
This man not only changed the world of entertainment forever, he also changed many people's lives, mine included. 
Google/Life-Images has a few wonderful photos of Walt and some of his artists.
 Check out their site: 

All photos are ©LIFE.


  1. Big Happy Birthday Walt! Have a blast today ;) Thanks for being a great Innovator.

  2. Wow. Happy Birthday Mr. Disney and congratulations Mr. Deja on your Annie Award nomination!

  3. I can't think of a better web page to say happy birthday to Walt Disney than right here on your blogspot Andreas. Happy Birthday Walt!!!

  4. Had it not been for Walt, I would have never known what to be today. I immensely respect that man! Happy birthday Walt! Thanks for the vision and the inspiration.

  5. Happy Birthday Walt, you old rascal.

    One of the greatest artists who knew how to draw without the use of a pencil.

  6. Happy Birthday Walt!! I love you!

  7. Andreas,

    A bit of a random question on the day after Walt's birthday. I actually saw him in Disneyland in 1966 on the opening day of "It's a Small World."

    I would like to know about your inspirations for Jafar and how did the team come up with the idea of Iago as his lackey.

    While I am not an animator I taught animators for the past ten years in Hong Kong and may teach them again sometime soon. I am always curious about the genesis and development of creative ideas.


  8. Happy Birthday Walt. You gave me a dream to live for.

  9. Happy 110th Birthday Uncle Walt!
    (And congratulation to your fresh Annie nomination too, Andreas! :)

  10. Happy B-Day walt you're the maximum (with Avery and Jones) exponent of Animation

  11. Great photos. Happy Belated Birthday!!

  12. Please,allow me to post an image I created for this event, this song always made me think about Walt...

    PS congratulation on your nomination

  13. I cannot imagine a world without Disney - Happy Birthday Walt, thank you for so much.

  14. Peter and Andreas,
    thanks! I'll post something on Tigger soon.

    Iago was always in the picture, from the beginning.
    I remember I drew Jafar's shoulders wider, so Iago had more room to move around.
    And I am jealous you saw Walt Disney!