Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Witches of Morva

A striking concept sketch of the three witches for "The Black Cauldron" by Tim Burton.
The idea of three characters moving as one is fascinating, it is perfect for animation and adds a surreal quality to these crazy ladies.
Unfortunately the final designs in the film don't utilize Tim's vision, and Orddu, Orwen and Orgoch ended up looking like average witches.
I can't help imagining what I would do today with Tim's concept in animation. 
I think I would go to town and have a ton of fun.


  1. That's really cool. I would've liked to have seen this version.

  2. Neat! I'd be interested in seeing him design any 2-D animation.

  3. Thanks for the artwork Andreas. The idea of three beings working together would create some interesting business. I keep imagining one of the outer witches making a speech and walking away while the other two just stand. Then while in the middle of a sentence she's stopped, she glares at them, tugs at her dress and then they follow along.

  4. Any chance you and Tim can collaborate together soon with some of these imaginative concepts and, as you said, 'go to town and have some fun'?! ;)

  5. I like the way David thinks... ;-)

  6. If only...if only... did you see Tim's caricature of Phil Nibbelink from back in the day in his show at the County Museum ? ( or MOCA ?)...

    1. I saw the exhibit, but I missed the caricature of Phil...shoot!

  7. Very amusing! It would have been glorious to see!

  8. Yes, you could have lots of fun choreographing those three! :D

  9. Dear Andreas Deja,

    I am a animation student in switzerland and I was always wondering how the mood and the colaboration was between the artists and espacialy the great animatators of your genertion at Disney
    (Andreas Deja, Tim Burton, Glen Keane to name a few)

    I heard in the documentary of Don Hahn "walking sleeping beauty" that it wasn't peacefull between the 9 old men

    Is there alot of competition and egos betwen the Artists or did you live like a comunity of great artist that always shared ideas and thoughts between you with some kind of "healthy" competition?

    thank you for all this great resource.

  10. The 9 Old Men worked extremely well together. But after Walt's death
    things got occasionally a little heated in terms of what direction the studio should follow and what kind of stories should be told.
    The guys from my generation have egos, too. But when you work on a big feature where teamwork is the thing, you better put that ego into your pocket and contribute creatively.