Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Atlanta, Georgia 1946

I did a little research to find out what's going on in this vintage photograph.
Posing behind this very impressive car are Disney artists, from left to right story man Bill Peet, unknown, background stylist Claude Coats, art director Ken Anderson, director Wilfred Jackson and directing animator Milt Kahl.
If you look closer you see a Song of the South sticker taped to the windshield. The car to the right has one, too.
These gentlemen are attending the world premiere of Disney's Song of the South, a film that mixes live action and animation footage. 
"The animation in Song of the South was a high for us"  Milt Kahl reminisced years later.
I would add that the film has some of the richest characters ever that were animated with razor-sharp timing. 

Incidentally Walt Disney and his wife Lilian were driven to the premiere in this car as you can see in this great picture from the Library of Georgia State University.

A beautiful Ken Anderson illustration for the title sequence of the film.


  1. Both the vintage photos and the Ken Anderson illustration are gems!

  2. I have no perspective on the true impact the material in this film has on people of color, except to say that I recognize that it does and would not choose to celebrate any part of that, but I think it sad that it may never see the light of day again, accompanied with the addition of a proper footnote or introduction.

    It may not mitigate the negative impact but isn't there a certain amount of historical and artistic importance to the work, an opportunity to educate and appreciate outside of context.

    I'm asking more than stating, as I have never seen more than snippets of the film so as I said I don't have a true understanding of just how hurtful it is and how even with some attempt to lessen that it is too radioactive for Disney to release it again.

  3. I think their skill and what they accomplished is understood, and needs no further comment. I did find interesting in the photo they way they are dressed. Perfectly! I can't help but wonder if the shot was taken today, would they have been in polo shirts, jeans, shorts and t-shirts? We can learn more from them then just looking at their drawings.

  4. Wonderful photo! They're standing in front of a glorious 1946 Lincoln. Goofy's car in "Motor Mania" looks just like it, I bet it was the inspiration.

  5. I really like this vintage photos.

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  7. Hi! I am Claude Coats granddaughter! I love this post - I had never seen that photo of him in the car before.

    Yesterday marked the 100th anniversary of his birth - so I borrowed this picture for a post in his honor...I hope that's okay!