Monday, June 3, 2013

TS Sullivant 7

How about starting the week off with Sullivant cartoons?
I said about everything I can in regards to his unparalleled work, no need for more analysis.
Any political statement here is a reflection of the time the drawing was published.

Luckily Sullivant was very prolific, so this won't be the last post showcasing his genius.


  1. Hi Andreas, I've just been reading Fraser MacLean's Setting the Scene and he mentions how big an influence 19th century illustrators/cartoonists were on animation. You can really see how most of the principles are already there and each one suggests a story.


  2. Oh man, that last pictures composition and animals posing are so great! Thank you for these.

  3. THANK you Mr. Deja: I can NEVER remember this artists name, no matter how much I love his designs. Haha while I have no doubt this artist has inspired EVERY artist out there and influenced many animated characters, I've often wondered why no film or project hasn't attempted to imitate his characters VERBATUM. They are perfectly constructed and animatable and (removing the hatching) quite simple, it seems to me, yet completely adorable and appealing and somehow unique and appealing.

  4. This guy was soooooo good. Did Walt Kelly ever mention Sullivant as an influence? There are certain similarities both in design and rendering.

    1. I understand Walt Kelly kept a Sullivant original in his studio.

  5. I cannot understand there is no book about his work. It's so funny: look at this cow ! Nobody draws cow like this !

  6. Excellent about Trotzkiy. NKVD really had no choice but to fix this with ice axe.