Thursday, July 25, 2013

Busch Circus Sketches

More spectacular gesture drawings by German artist Wilhelm M. Busch.
Throughout his career as a prolific book illustrator, he kept going to the circus to study animals interacting with their trainers. 
I am astounded by his ability to find golden moments in front of his fast moving objects.
You can tell by the line work that each sketch took only seconds to put down. 
This man continues to amaze and inspire me. He is the real deal!


  1. If only I could translate from eye to hand to paper that fast and eloquently... :D

  2. I think I can see your drawing style in there Andreas, certainly in some of your looser drawings. I wish I could capture things that well! :)

  3. Looking at these lines I am sure these are most blind drawings.
    What do you think, Master ?

    1. You are right, it looks like he had his eyes on the animals most of the time, while sketching them.

    2. That's great. I was just thinking that. I've started doing more blind drawing. A really great post. Thanks.