Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Alice giggles...

…and if you don't think this is the most adorable photo you've seen in a long time, I really can't help you.
It looks like Kathryn Beaumont is cracking up at something that happened on the set. I don't believe this is a photo stat image provided to the animators for live action reference.
Kathryn is standing on a mock up giant mushroom. This is the sequence for which Milt Kahl animated his first few scenes of Alice.
He recalled years later: " Yeah, that's a cute litte Alice I did there. Unfortunately for much of the picture (when other animators took over) she doesn't look like this, and I know I could have done those scenes a whole lot better !"

Here are few beautiful roughs from Milt's early Alice animation.


  1. So adorable. I can only admire the talents of animators.

  2. It is so amazing! Is a pleasure can see this nowadays!

    I just love 2D animation!!!

  3. Milt Kahl definitely has reasons to be proud of his work, but he always comes off super egotistical, like "yeah, i'm pretty great at what i do, too bad no one else is"

  4. Thank you for uploading these masterpieces Mr. Deja, now I understand Milt's lament that he would have done better, if he had the character assigned to him all along. I have never seen these Alice drawings before, using this style and a more coherent story the film would have been better, definitely.
    However, it is a beautifully and gorgeously animated film, there is no doubt about that.

  5. Adorable photo and drawings! Milt definitely did the best animation of Alice in the film (see the trial scene for further reference), but Marc Davis, Eric Larson, Ollie Johnston, and Don Lusk among other animators did some great work with the character. Marc Davis' animation of Alice in the Mad Tea Party and Tweedle Dee and Dum scenes are superb, and Eric Larson's animation of Alice closely resembles Milt's drawings (the part where Alice laughs after the wreath of flowers falls on her sister's head near the beginning of the film).

  6. I can never get enough Alice in Wonderland posts on this blog, and I've actually never seen that photo before! She looks adorable, and believe it or not, she actually IS acting. She's reacting to the Caterpillar's feet troubles when he's reciting "How Doth the Little Crocodile." Here's the corresponding reference shot in the film:

    Thanks so much for both your amazing insight and all of the fascinating archival pieces you share with us (not to mention the legendary characters you've created, which I'm sure you hear often)!

  7. The appeal on those lips shapes. Wow.
    Milt's range is unbelievable. Compare those lips to the mouth shapes on Medusa and a normal person would never think it was the same animator.