Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Brave Engineer

This Disney short film from 1950 is a retelling of the popular story of legendary railroad engineer Casey Jones, who is determined to keep his train schedule despite many obstacles on the way.
One of those obstacles is a villain who ties up a beautiful girl on rail tracks. Of course Casey saves the damsel in distress in a swiftly manner, and all is well.
Milt Kahl animated this scene, and I came across this rough animation drawing (there are actually two drawings which I combined into one image), that had been separated from the rest of the scene. It's a beautiful dynamically staged sketch, which was also used in the composition of the film's poster. 
When you think of it, most of Milt's animation key drawings are worthy of a poster. 


  1. Beautiful drawing, but then it is Milt we're talking about. Great post as always Andreas.