Sunday, December 1, 2013

Heinrich Kley Color Sketch

This is a stunning watercolor study by German artist Heinrich Kley (1863 - 1945).
Many of you are familiar with his lively, satirical black and white pen and ink drawings of anthropomorphic animals and people. But Kley also did a ton of color work in his lifetime.
This scene depicts a moment from some kind of Wagner like opera backstage.
The central figure is a woman on a white horse, then there are guards, musicians and even a tiger in the lower left corner. 
To me this is an impressionistic masterpiece. The use of light is so bold and unusual, and I love the blend of warm and cool tones. This piece is not signed, but dated February 1905.
It measures 10.5 x 6". I purchased it years ago in Munich from Kley's estate.

Feast your eyes!


  1. Another bold Kley piece :D Thanks for posting!

  2. Did you see the recent Kley drawing of a Hippo being groomed by monkeys that was up for auction at Bloomsbury's? I got outbid by one increment and I have a feeling it was by you ;)

    1. Haven't been following Bloomsbury's auctions.
      So it wash't me. :(