Saturday, January 11, 2014

Paul Jouve's Jungle Book

Paul Jouve illustrated several publications based on Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book stories. The images shown here are from Le Second Livre de la Jungle, 1919, and they were reproduced surprisingly small. About 4 x 2.5".
I love the striking compositions and powerful poses of the animals. These are engravings, by the way. Jouve, as you can see, was an expert when depicting big cats, so naturally he is currently on my radar, because there is a ton I can learn from this guy. 

Go here for a previous post on the great Paul Jouve: (Update: THIS is the correct link)


  1. Thanks for sharing, Andreas. These are great. They really capture the dark, primal tone of Kipling's writing, and I love how Mowgli is posed like Michelangelo's Adam from the Sistine Chapel.

  2. Great solid strength in all the animals. :D

  3. Hi Andreas...Not "engravings" --- these are wood block prints. Thanks for posting them! I can't afford a copy of Jouve's first book (Le Livre de la Jungle, aka The Jungle Book), so I'm trying to gather as many images from that book as possible. I've got Kipling's La Chasse de Kaa illustrated by Jouve, though.

    You mentioned "several publications". I only know of the two-volume Le Livre de la Jungle (1919) and La Chasse de Kaa (1930). What are the others?
    --- William Stout