Thursday, May 8, 2014

Hook has a Cold

After his rough encounter with the Crocodile at Skull Rock, Captain Hook manages to get back to his ship, where a bad cold plagues him. Frank Thomas animated this sequences with Hook wheezing and sneezing while cursing Peter Pan at the same time. The acting is just incredible in these scenes, each gesture shows Hook’s unsuccessful attempts at easing his pain. Everything has proper weight, the hot water bottle over his head, the blanket covering his back and his body in general.
This is also an example of outstanding use of live action reference, which was provided by the character’s voice actor Hans Conried. Frank chose a few of his important acting moments and translated them inventively into graphic motion. 
Stunning character animation, the kind that makes me feel so passionate about drawn animation.

Frank explores key poses that reveal Hook’s agony. Beautiful sketches by an animator who proclaimed that drawing didn’t come easy to him. 

This amazing clean up drawing is currently being offered at Heritage Auctions:

Eventually Smee enters Hook’s cabin. He ends up poring way too much hot water into the tub, before sharing rumors about Peter Pan and Tinker Bell.

This set up does not include matching cels. Smee is holding a thermometer, but Hook already has one in his mouth. Still, what lovely artwork.


  1. These are really wonderful, thanks for sharing!

    It's really interesting to compare the references with the animation drawings, and see how Frank Thomas caricaturized the action....and it's a great scene in the movie too!

    He really managed to capture that miserable state that you sometimes end up in when you have a bad cold...and you can't help but feel sorry for poor Captain Hook. : )

  2. Ha! Love all the different versions conveying the same feeling. :D

  3. Long ago I learned that disney movies used actors, but it was not until a few months ago that I realized (someone from disney told me) that I needed to use references...

    But well, of course the eye that Frank had was awesome, I hope some day I can imagine as him!

    Thank you Andreas for showing these incredible drawings and photos!!!

  4. Live action reference images are marvelous.