Friday, August 15, 2014

Kley's Pastoral Kiss

I always thought that most of Heinrich Kley’s nudes have an innocence about them, sort of like Freddie Moore girls. There might be a light sensual quality in some of his illustrations, but Kley stayed away from showing truly sexual content. 
This image is very different. 
The woman is drawn delicately with a pale skin tone. By contrast her lover -a centaur- is depicted with bold ink lines. This passionate embrace represents the only Kley sketch I would call erotic.
There are parts of the composition like the shapes of the trees that support symbolically the nature of the theme. 
When I saw this piece for the first time, I was startled to see how far Kley went in drawing this intimate, amorous moment of fantasy.

Compare this illustration to to Kley’s “Centaur Family Portrait” from an earlier post:


  1. It really reminds me of the animated sequence in Fantasia of the centaur love scene. It's truly a magnificent artwork piece. I realize you and your animators who worked on the classic animated film Aladdin are sadden by the loss of Robin Williams. I just want to say that Aladdin was my favorite movie that Ron Clements and John Musker made at the studios and I wish to give my condolences to Eric Goldberg. I know that this week hasn't been easy for you guys to lose such a talented man. I am curious though when you were working on Jafar in the production did you end up meeting Robin at the studios?

  2. Ja, das ist wirklich das Heisseste, was ich von Kley zu sehen bekam!🤩
    Danke fürs Teilen! 😊