Friday, August 1, 2014

The Wolf

The film Make Mine Music, which includes the short “Peter & the Wolf”, wasn’t released until 1946, but this model sheet dates all the way back to February of 1941.
I love these drawings (a lot)! Who would ever think of caricaturing a wolf like this? With a very long snout and overly articulated anatomy. This artist could draw and had a flair for cartooning. Look at the exaggerated perspective, so eerie, just fantastic! I would guess that Disney story artist/ designer James Bodrero came up with these concept sketches, but I am not sure.
The rough layout poses below maintain the scary, creepy quailties from the model sheet.

The final cel-painted version comes close to the earlier concept, but looses some of its power due to the clean lines defining the character.


  1. Andreas,
    If I read the model sheet correctly, those were created by Martin Provensen (MP).

  2. I loved watch Peter and the Wolf when iIwas a little kid. Still do to this day!!! The animation and music are timeless.

  3. Ah yes Peter and the Wolf. This short is amazing. I recall my music teachers from elementary school would play this short over and over again. I remember the wolf in the picture always terrified me which served it purposed for the animator to create the villain. So I hear rumors that there is Jungle Book live action version featuring Bill Murray and Christopher Walken made by this company. I know you are considered to be the biggest fan of the animated picture and I was wondering do you think it will be just like what Walt and his team worked on before he died?

  4. This wolf scared me when I was a kid. He was treated like a real wolf, and the other characters were so scared of him, that it terrified me. I feel these designs progressed into what eventually became the Sword in the Stone wolf. Same long snout and exaggerated limbs...that one not so scary...cheers from sunny San Diego.