Monday, September 1, 2014

Daan Jippes on Aladdin

Here are  a few more drawings by Daan Jippes. 
They are early character designs for the Genie, the Thief, Aladdin and Abu. As usual Daan’s work is inventive, alive and very animatable. His influences are European comic greats like Franquin and Uderzo, and of course Disney’s Freddie Moore. But his art certainly has its own identity. What I love most about Daan’s stuff is that he keeps surprising you with unusual, unconventional poses, expressions and staging.


  1. I love the way you can articulate perfectly the reasons someone's art looks and feels as unique as it does. While certainly prefer the designs ultimately used in the film (they're marketable for a reason) these are very appealing, and even little things like the curve of Aladdin's thumb call to mind the smooth motion of classic Disney animation. Well that was a run on sentence,

  2. Wow, the final version of Aladdin himself wasn't too far off from these development sketches! Love the thief here too. Thanks again for sharing your insight.

  3. Lovely drawings, like really oldschool Disney cartoon style. Heh, is that duck genie?

  4. Cool, Andreas Deja, that's some amazing draftsmanship done by your old Dutch pal, Daan Jippes. Oh, can you please give me his email address (if you have it)? Because that would me a lot to his fans(myself included).

    P.S. I think he sounds like a kind of guy that I would have Dutch beer with.
    In my opinion, the secret to his super solid draftsmanship is that he's a superhuman self-disciplined artist who had done a lot of vase/faces drawings and upside-down drawings, like in the Betty Edwards book, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.

    1. By the way, he had absolutely no prior art education, and I'm not putting him down, despite my own.

  5. This is amazing. It's much different sketches that I have seen from Glenn Keane and Eric Goldberg. I noticed Jonathan Freeman is playing your character Jafar on Broadway. Have you gotten to see the performance during opening night?

  6. Also, I absolutely adore Mr. Jippes' Abus. They look very cartoony and fun to look at. They remind me of Dr. Frankenollie from the Mickey short, Runaway Brain.