Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Say Cheese!

That would be a loose translation of the German phrase: Bitte recht freundlich!
This Heinrich Kley ink sketch portrays an energetic photographer trying to position a male model for a perfect picture. The man being photographed is covering his private parts with a hat, and he is tied to some sort of measuring contraption. And there are nails going through his feet…
It’s difficult figure out if there is a specific meaning to this illustration, or if Kley is just playing around.
In any case, it’s fun to compare the two contrasting poses. 

I never get tired of Kley’s definition of anatomy. The guy remains relevant to any serious animation student. 


  1. Love this. It does bring up all sorts of questions of what is going on in the picture than what we're being presented in one drawing (and I already got a ugly thought in my head what happened). Thanks again Andreas!

  2. It's intriguing that both people are nude. I laughed because the model is still wearing his gloves.

    1. I wasn't even thinking of the photographer until now. I had it in my mind the subject is either asleep or dead and is being propped up like this on purpose.

  3. Wortw├Ârtlich wie festgenagelt dastehen! ­čśä