Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Counting Scars...

I cannot believe that I am am just now finding out about this video, made by "Oh My Disney".
Apparently in some survey about Disney villains Scar won this year as the most evil one.
What a production number...(it reminds me of certain parties when I lived in Paris, Disney themed always).
Well...this is a big ego booster, I try and not let it go to my head. Check it out!!



  1. I love to look at in slow motion when played Scar phalanges paw! Thank you for the show! Good job!

  2. That was a pretty creative music video in tribute to your character. Speaking of characters, have you taken a look at ABC's Once Upon a Time in Wonderland? It had one season and it featured your villain of Jafar and made him the best villain from the franchise. I would recommend seeing it when the DVD season comes out or when Netflix puts it on. They made a interesting tale about his cobra staff.

  3. The best of Scar is its design;shapes ,lines,expressions,movements.
    very elegant and arrogant;
    ( I like him better than Mufassa which for me is a very conservative and rigid father figure)

  4. Very nicely done! Already watched it twice!