Friday, January 2, 2015

Jasper and Horace

Cruella De Vil's henchmen Jasper and Horace were principally animated by John Lounsbery (and beautifully so), but their final design was created by Milt Kahl based on story man Bill Peet's rough character concepts. These two second rate criminals share a fairly low IQ, but in appearance they form a fun, strong contrasting duo. Jasper is tall, thin and gangly, Horace is tubby, short and  roly-poly.
Some of their scenes were based on live action reference, but the animation never looks rotoscoped or floaty. Lounsbery had a great time bringing these comic villains to life, and as you can see in these drawings, Milt again pushed the graphic/personality boundaries for new Disney characters.


  1. I love how far up Jasper's grin goes in the first set of doodles, and how it plummets in the annoyed expression below! These guys' designs are loaded with contrast, and their sleazy faces and unhealthy figures might only be matched by Madame Medusa in the Disney canon.
    Great, great stuff. Thank you so much for sharing drawings of some of my favorite baddies. Or "baduns," as it were.

  2. I could not get over how long Jasper's legs are in the truck. It looks like Jack Skellington from Nightmare Before Christmas expect Jasper is not a skeleton and not made of clay. I loved 101 Dalmatians and I hear rumor that Once Upon A Time is going to have Cruella Devil. They're bringing in the car and the original design from the Disney movie character to the show.
    You know I remember my mother telling me when my brother and I were little kids seeing this movie on video, my brother would always call the henchmen "Horace and Jasbutt." Given that my brother was 5 and I was well 3.
    Wasn't one of the voices for 101 Dalmatians appeared in Little Mermaid as chef Louis?

  3. Probably one of my all time favorite Disney villain duos!

  4. Just FANTASTIC!
    I'm ready for someone to publish an ART OF 101 DALMATIANS book already. I love the styling of the movie

  5. For all you Dalmatian fans, be sure to check out the new Disney Blueray DVD release of "101 Dalmatians" in February. We've got a few surprises on the DVD including animation. A special treat for me since I worked on the film many years ago.