Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Disney Mix

Running a bit short on time these days, trying to finish the animatic (story reel) for my film Mushka. Almost there !
Here are a variety of images from different stages of Disney Productions.

The design and the animation of Disney classic characters blossomed during the late 1930s and early 1940s. I am still nuts about the appeal, the daring poses and the staging. Look how Donald is holding his artist palate, incredible! And Minnie...

Once flat graphic design was applied to these characters, they lost some of their charm.

Fine Art!!!

Some of Albert Hurter's brilliant character design explorations.

One of the oddest Disney short films.

Pecos Bill, crazy story, brilliantly animated by Milt and Kimball.

The one and only!!

Ken Anderson charm.

I had a poster of this Jungle Book grouping on the wall of my room when I was a kid. It sums up my childhood.


  1. I had that very same poster on my wall as a kid too! LOL! Very cool flashback! :D While my friends were playing with trucks I was staring at that poster. Thanks for sharing your wonderful pieces.

  2. Ah I see you added in Mary Blair's work on Cinderella into the post Andreas. That is so cool that you had that Jungle Book poster when you were a kid. I've kept a couple of old Disney store lithographs of Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Peter Pan, and Bambi. My Cinderella lithograph shows of her in her ball gown in front of the carriage and fairy Godmother. I've always loved that one because it had this beautiful blue frame around it.

    So how does an animatic work?

  3. I just realized, comparing the Pecos Bill piece to this Cinderella piece, that their large leader space, posing, high value and red shift were probably intended for publicity via duotone magazine reprinting, instead of in-studio use... you think that's more plausible?

  4. Wow! I haven't seen that Jungle Book poster since I was in kindergarten...
    Shaped my childhood too, only about 25 years after yours... this is what I call an everlasting classic film!
    Thank you for sharing!

  5. Danke für das Teilen der Bilder aus Fantasia! 😊
    So wundervoll, zauberhaft, einfach wunderschön! 😍