Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Disney Studios soundstage, late 1950s. Sleeping Beauty Live action reference is being filmed for the animators. A moment from the film's final sequence, the Happy Ending. I like the way the situation was staged in this photo stat: Princess Aurora is giving her father in law, King Hubert, a kiss on the cheek, before joining her hubby, Prince Phillip, for a dance.
When you look at this section from the actual film, the choreography is handled quite differently.
Aurora enters the frame from screen right, after being reunited with her parents, King Stefan and the Queen. On her way to be with Phillip she pauses to kiss King Hubert, remaining screen right.

This photo stat gives me an idea for a missed opportunity for a character moment.
What if Aurora rushes into the frame from screen right, she passes King Hubert, heading straight for Phillip who reaches for her hand. She then realizes that she forgot to give Hubert a kiss. She turnes back as pictured in the photo, then leaves with Phillip.

I think that's the way I would have handled this scene.


  1. Although with 2 years of delay, but I wish to thank you for creating a post about the animated film "The Man Who Planted Trees" by Frédéric Back, which I have discovered just today. I had no knowledge of him, without you, I could have never heard of him and his magical film.

    Thank you so much!

  2. Hallo Andreas, Europa feiert 50 Jahre Idefix, aus diesem Anlass läuft im Radio ein kleines Deja-Special über 'Tiere in Cartoon und Trickfilm'...mit Teaser... Die alten Interviewausschnitte sind noch aktuell und spannend, aber irgendwann nehmen wir neue auf ;-) liebe Grüße und toitoitoi für Mushka


  3. Seems to me it may have been done to better accommodate the widescreen format...Thanks fer sharing these gems...

  4. Hey Andreas, I love the original scene, but your idea is intriguing. I think it would work wonderfully, character and staging wise. Thanks for sharing with us!

  5. waau, thanks for sharing friend
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