Sunday, August 2, 2015

Talking Flowers

The flowers in Disney's Alice in Wonderland have attitude issues. Friendly at first when a downsized Alice approaches them, but then their demeanor turns hostile. Alice is even called a weed.
This is wonderful personality stuff. Anthropomorphic flowers with definitive character traits. I just love the way blossoms become faces and leaves turn into arms. John Lounsbery animated lot of the flower scenes.

Mary Blair did a ton of color/design studies, all of them stunning. The Technicolor process allowed for an extremely vibrant color palette on the screen.

This post is dedicated to my friend Guillaume, who wanted to become a florist after watching this sequence from Alice in Wonderland as a kid. As a matter of fact, today Guillaume is a highly successful florist in Paris. His work is as beautiful as the images you see here.


  1. I was always curious what Lounsberys involvement was in this film. It seems that the flowers were one of the few female characters he ever animated. What do you think of the golden afternoon song?

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  3. Hoo! Thank you Andreas for your dedication ! This deeply touch me.
    Indeed Alice is my favorite Disney movie, mainly for this scene and his song. And this same scene made me love flowers.
    I think as i never tire.
    Kiss Andreas and thank you for this article and every superb images.

    *Sorry for my English ! I'm more confortable with flowers :)


  4. This film has such gorgeous artwork. I always thought Alice should have gone back to the flowers after returning to her normal size and given those flowers a stern talking-to. "Rather scrawny, I'd say!" Indeed!

  5. Hey, have so much fun today! Congratulations and enjoy. Well deserved.