Thursday, November 19, 2015

Keynote and Book Signing at CTN

This is CTN weekend!
I will be giving a keynote presentation on the topic of Disney's Nine Old Men on Saturday 11/21, at 12:30PM in the CTNers Lounge. It will include rare interview clips, fantastic art and pencil tests.

On the following day, Sunday 11/22, at noon I will sign copies of my new book in the book signing area, which is in front of the City Ballroom.
See you there!


  1. Can't wait to buy this! It looks GREAT!!

  2. Awesome! This book is definitely one of the greatest animation books ever made!!!

  3. If you come again to Vienna, or other parts of Austria, please let us know! Would be so honoured to have a signed copy my self, too.

  4. I got this this week it is wonderfully put together. I love the way the book flows.

  5. The presentation was fantastic and the book is incredible. I am looking forward to get it sign today.

    It was a pleasure to talk to you today and hear you had selected Harmony for your film. :)

  6. This book is totally on my wishlist for Christmas.

  7. Andreas -
    The book is magnificent and we would love to have you come to the University of Colorado Boulder to talk more about it. Contact me at and we can discuss schedules.

    Michael Casey