Thursday, November 5, 2015

Technicolor Flowers

The Flower Ballet from Fantasia's Nutcracker sequence has always been one of my favorite pieces of animation. What an unusual mix of effects and character animation.
The storyboard pastel sketches are breathtaking as well. I wished I knew who drew them.

Images: Heritage and Bonhams Auctions


  1. Hi Andreas,
    ..........yes these are great drawings! I believe they were drawn by Elmer Plummer.

  2. what a great example of dynamic feel the energy in these...just great!! I also love the great use of low angles in that are down on the ground with them...thank fer sharing.

  3. The Russian Dance is my favourite part of the Nutcracker. Something about the way the plants are transformed into human figure.

  4. Yes, indeed. One of those happy occurrences where pretty much everything that made the sketches so great managed to make it to the screen, down to the subtleties of light and shadow, the contrast of the animation against the simple backgrounds. I must have watched this segment thousands of times.