Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Ollie Johnston...20 Questions

I don't know who asked Ollie to answer these questions, but this questionnaire is currently available on ebay. Other artists from the field of entertainment did the same, such as Jane Russell and Carol Burnett.
This sheet seems trivial at first, but you do find out about Ollie's hobbies, his favorite TV show and his favorite animators.
It is actually a little puzzle piece in trying to figure out what made one of Disney's greatest animators tick.


  1. Nice to see David Low getting some love from an animation great ... Ever since discovering early 20th C cartoonists I've wondered why they aren't mentioned in animation history, as they were clearly a strong influence on early animation artists, and the course that animation took as an art form. Low in particular is sickeningly good!

  2. Jury must still be out in the OJ case! Ha Ha!
    Where's your 20 question questionnaire Andreas?

  3. wow, that took a turn at the end with that OJ question!
    I wonder if Ollie and Bill Watterson ever met?

  4. It's interesting that his handwriting gets progressively better as he's answering the questions... I love what you post on your blog and it's such an interesting read. I'm so glad you're sharing this information with everyone because your insight to the nine old men and animation is immensely valuable to me as a student. I also just wanted to post a quick note about how wonderful it was to hear you speak at LCAD on Saturday. It really meant a lot to me and the other students that you would take time out of your busy schedule to share about your book and your time at Disney. I really hope you can come visit us again! Venetia