Tuesday, July 19, 2016

More Shere Khan...

Even Milt Kahl erases his lines once in a while, as is evident in this small staging sketch. The upper fielding dimensions are 5 x 3". Shere Khan is leaving Kaa behind, he is done interrogating the snake. It's time to go searching for the man cub.
I love this drawing. Shere Khan seems to be walking out of the screen. It is only a doodle, but the tiger's body is beautifully carved out like a sculpture. Dimension, clear silhouette and brilliant anatomy. It's all there. The smaller sketch below indicates a  position a few frames later, as both rear feet touch the ground. Milt reverses the spine to show the animal's rear in a low position.
A master mind at work.


  1. Just a fan passing by. I was wondering if you would show some of the work you did for Fantasia 2000. To my knowledge, that and maybe Home on the Range are the only two movies you haven't posted anything about this far. Thanks and good luck with Mushka!

  2. Awesome to see from Milt thius is the kind of thing I was talking about, doing sculpt style rough. Thanks!

    1. I agree. I've seen few to no staging sketches like this before in Disney animation, so this is a pleasant revelation.

      By the way, Trevor, there are some excellent videos of Glen Keane on youtube, showing him animating on the fly and are very clear about his process. There is even a document floating around the internet that he wrote, which shows the thumbnails he draws at the start of his personal process. Those might interest you.

  3. You think it's difficult to encourage such large animals like tiger or lions?