Sunday, August 28, 2016

Rembrandt Bugatti II

It's been over four years since I put up a post on the great Rembrandt Bugatti. Time for another look at this unrivaled master of animal sculpture. I consider any of his sculpts a masterpiece. Who knows how his art would have evolved and how many more gems he might have created, had he not taken his life at the age of 31.

here is the link to my first post:

Bugatti was a master of the human form as well. Below, Reclining Athlete from 1907.


  1. Great artist. Too bad the books about his work are so expensive…

  2. It's fantastic realism and the artist's sensibility, but I always wonder about the practical process of this type of sculpture. It made a clay sculpture and then a form where the melted metal is placed? What is the process?

  3. This is Amazing...and how are doing your sculpture wire Andreas? do you think in Paris there are a lot sculptures like in the Americas.

  4. My favorite thing about each of these sculptures is how energetic they are. His eye was like a powerful camera, capturing each animal's movement at an impossibly precise moment. They look like they'll come to life if you stare at them long enough.

    1. Agreed! I can't stop looking at that baboon. It's got a real feel of the relatively stiff-legged gait. You can almost see the hands thumping on the ground as they take the weight.

  5. Your previous post on Bugatti inspired me to buy a book on his life and work. I can't read the text, and the book was oh-so-expensive, but those images!!! SOOO worth it! Among my favorite art books. Thanks for alerting me to this marvelous artist.

  6. New Vessel Press has just published a novel inspired by Bugatti's life: THE ANIMAL GAZER by Edgardo Franzosini