Thursday, November 3, 2016

Chuck Jones Drawings

A small gallery of Chuck Jones sketches from some of his short films or otherwise. I love the kind of tension  going on between lines and volumes. He is always trying for the "Unusual", making what might seem ordinary look extraordinary. And personality is the key, as well as entertainment. The energy found in his work just floors me.
There is something to be learned from every Chuck Jones drawing, which makes him a master draughtsman in a classical sense.

Most drawings Heritage Auctions

Here is a previous post on the one and only:


  1. Chuck Jones was way ahead his time. His shorts still modern, fresh and entertaining today.
    You know, I got Michigan's J. Frog song as my ringtone since 2 years! Best ringtone ever.

  2. Surprise

  3. A Warner Bros. post? What a novel idea. Are we going to
    see more of these in the future?

  4. It's weird how a lot of my friends 'sided' with either Warner Bros. or Disney. Can't we just love both? Great post, Andreas!

  5. Chuck Jones is pretty much my favorite Looney Tunes artist, just as you were always one of my favorite Disney artists.

  6. So great drawings! He surely had somehow "edgier" style than others. Like Tex Avery, have you any his drawings?