Thursday, November 10, 2016

Van Eaton Galleries

I have been purchasing animation art from Van Eaton Galleries here in LA for many years. Once in a while the owner Mike van Eaton comes across pieces that I want to own.  Sometimes I feel like I overpaid for certain artworks, other times I underpaid. But Mike always surprises me with Disney animation art that you'd think doesn't exist anymore. It has been an absolute pleasure to do business with him over the years. Just look at these recent offerings, amazing!

Here is the link to Van Eaton Galleries:


  1. Isn't it a strange feeling for you to see some of your own drawings for sale there?

    But thanks for the link. I will keep an eye on the Van Eaton Galleries. Maybe they will sell more of your drawings.

  2. What is the cell with the fox from? I'm pretty sure it's from an MGM short called Out-Foxed.

    1. That cel is from Disney's wartime propaganda film "Chicken Little".

  3. Hello,these pieces are beautiful! I checked out vegalleries : how can the TARZAN and POCAHONTAS stills be sold as "original cells" ?
    I thought the using of cells were over since LITTLE MERMAID ?!

  4. It's has been my favorite gallery for years, they have a wonderful selection!
    The majority of my collection crame from there.