Monday, November 21, 2016


My friend Tom Bancroft has this thing for Wonder Woman and Captain America. He keeps a sketchbook handy and asks other artists to sketch their version of those characters. I did this drawing for him the other day.
I wonder what Stitch would look like as Captain America. That's a drawing for Alex Kupershmidt.

Check out Tom's blog:


  1. This is so surreal. Lilo in a Wonder Woman costume? How inventive! Hope CTN was good to you this year.

  2. Hah saw this the other day on Tom's Tumblr. Good stuff!

  3. A few posts back I suggested a book about the modern period at Disney. Is there an interest and market for this type of book?

  4. Ha, Thanks for posting this Andreas. I love it! You were so gracious when you visited Nashville, you are a good friend. Thanks also for this amazing geek drawing!

    1. Hello Tom, hey what do you think if Belle or Pocahontas was Lara Croft that can be funny like "Oh deer back to the start again" that's in Tomb Raider 2 wen Lara Croft broke her neck but it's stupid stuff.