Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Pre-Production Art


Wonderful range of techniques and styles in these visual development pieces from Disney classics.
By artists like Mary Blair, Tyrus Wong and Kay Nielsen among others.


  1. Thank your for posting Bambi, Cinderella but Andreas, is there any other sketches of Bambi adolescent and Cinderella dancing with the Prince, these artworks are beautiful and master peace.

  2. Can you post artworks of Beauty and the Beast, because the live action is coming out in March 17th.

  3. Love these pieces of concept art, they're so illuminating.
    Which films do the 1st, 3rd, and 5th image come from?
    Thank you so much for posting these

  4. I think the live action of Cinderella is different from the animation i don't know why thay change the story.

  5. Man, I never got to meet Tyrus Wong before he passed.
    I almost did a few years ago, but I was late in traffic and missed him! I'd have loved to thank anyone involved with Bambi- the film that I really aspire to.
    Do you know who did the Snow White artwork that you posted here?

  6. Andreas, can you post the artworks of Tyrus Wong, because I love the forest of Bambi it's kind of like Tolkien from the The Lord of the Rings and the paintings are magical it's breath taking its sad he's gone, Tyrus is a great master of Chinese painting to Bambi and Mulan.