Thursday, February 9, 2017

By Grim Natwick II

Another Cartoonist Profiles article written by Grim Natwick about his buddy Bill Tytla. Grim gives us terrific insight into Tytla's work method as well as his intense relationship with animation. 
Don't we all wish he could have had his whole career at Disney, pushing the boundaries of character animation for a few more decades. We'll never know how Disney animation would have evolved with this artistic giant at the helm. 


  1. This is a treasure, thanks Andreas! I love the quote: "Bill was not one of the Famous 'Nine Old Men' of the Disney Studio. He was one of the teachers who taught the Nine Old Men."

  2. Andreas, did you meet Patrick Stewart in 2005 wen he was cast for The Great Prince of the Forest.

  3. Just for the context: the article is from Cartoonist PROfiles, #40, 1978-12