Thursday, February 2, 2017

Frank Thomas' House for Sale

Call it the ultimate Disney collectible, the beautiful Thomas residence is now on the market.
Located in one of LA's most attractive neighborhoods, La Canada, this mid century modern home was co-designed by Frank himself.
I feel very fortunate to have been invited to the Thomas home many times over the years. Visiting Frank and his wife Jeanette was always a special treat, and chances were that Ollie and Mary Johnston might be present as well, since they lived next door.
There were garden barbecues, birthday parties and holiday get togethers. So many wonderful memories.
I remember arriving at the house years ago, only to find Frank squirting squirrels with a garden hose.
"Frank, you can't do this", I said. "You animated the beloved squirrel sequence in Sword in the Stone". "They do make a mess, you know", Frank replied.

Here is the link to the real estate offer, go for it!!


  1. That's an amazing freaking house and you got Ollie Johnston next door as a bonus. Your are so lucky to have shared time with these amazing people Andreas. Thank you for being so curios to learn so much and generous to share your findings and research.

  2. Simpler times. The parties must have been wonderful. I hope the person who buys it loves and takes care of it as opposed to tearing it down as seems to happen so much in CA. It's beautiful and a great example of fairly intact mid-century architecture.

    1. The house is on the list of the National Register of Historic Places - I'd assume tearing it down is not an option.

      Check the registration document from 2014 for some interesting historical facts about the house and its history.

  3. Is that Frank Thomas drawing Bambi on his desk Andrea?.

  4. Amazing views, both inside and out! The shot of the animation desk is a quite poignant addition.

  5. whow, about 2002 I wrote a fan email from Germany to Frankanollie via their homepage (still works: And I remember as yesterday being so proud to get answer. Now Mike, the webmaster till today tells me, the small table in the dining room, was the place they had the correspondence. Thanks for sharing!

  6. how sad!
    What will happen to the beautiful furniture and architecture of the fifties ?!
    To imagine that prestigious desk removed makes me cry.
    Hope it will be bought by a disney animator.

  7. He was involved with designing the desk too, right? and I wonder what's on those shelves