Sunday, March 19, 2017


I will give a presentation for members of the Walt Disney Family Museum on Tuesday, March 22, at 4pm.


  1. man, I hope they do some kind of video content with you.
    Your work definitely deserves this kind of appreciation, anyway!

  2. Hi Andreas!! It's me Mackenzie,the tall shy character designer ha ha. Thank you so much for coming over to the Bay and sharing your amazing stories about your career at Disney. Can't wait for Mushka! :)

  3. Andreas, how much cost to visiting the Walt Disney Family Museum its 10$ or 30$.

    1. Here is the info:

  4. Hi Andreas,
    I was wondering if you could help me figure out how a certain scene in Sleeping Beauty was done. It's the scene in which one of the good fairies bestows the gift of song, and then there is a montage of designy birds, not animated, but flowing in front of the camera from left to right, glowing, colorful silhouettes, very beautiful. I would like to create something like this for a pilot episode of a TV show I am producing, but instead of birds I would like musical notes to stream across the screen, and appear in sync to the music that I have chosen for the opening theme. If you could help me out with your animation history knowledge, if you know how this scene was done, I would be extremely grateful. Thanks!

  5. What a wonderful presentation! Thank you Andreas!
    And for anyone who couldn't make it, take the time to visit the Museum to view the exhibit. As wonderful as Andreas' art is on the screen and on these pages, it is even more so in person. His wire sculptures are really neat in person too. If you are visiting San Francisco this summer this is a must see! Plus the museum is a really great non-commercial experience and its location is home to beautiful views. Go!

  6. Hi Andreas!,
    Loving the work both on this site and in your wonderful filmography.
    I'm a digital compositor at Laika up in Portland, Oregon and i'd love to offer my services to you if you needed any free compositing work.
    Your short film is looking fantastic from all the images you have been posting and i'd love to be involved!.

    All the best
    Daniel Leatherdale

    1. Hey, Dan, can you leave your email, so I can get in touch with you? Thanks!

    2. Hi Andreas,
      A good email for me is danleatherdale{@}
      (Added {} so the webbots don't attack me.)


    3. Hi Andreas,
      I just thought that i should have shown you my reel or something to see, so here's a clip i grabbed on youtube of my work from Kubo and the Two Strings.
      Apart from a few shots here and there, i was tasked to composite the entire opening sequence of the movie.
      It was a lot of work, but incredibly fulfilling.