Monday, April 17, 2017

House Cat Studies

This is my cat Joan in 1991. She served as an early model to study cat anatomy, because we were just getting ready to animate big cats. Joan, the miniature lioness lived a full and happy life.

For some sketches I used a brush pen, a regular felt pen for others.


  1. I love animation and i love your wonderful! I study my cat too....greetings!

  2. I used to have pet cats, but that was way long ago when I was a child, but I never drew them. Only in my later life I began to draw humanoid cats, and I still do. If I could show them to you, you will see
    how brilliant I am in drawing catgirls the Disney way

  3. the way their back legs fold up when they sit is still a little confusing to me, but you got it!
    I remember your little dog from your virtual animators talks. Did you ever animate a dog? I know you did designs on Oliver and Company, but I think they were animating that film at the same time as Roger Rabbit, so you might have been away

  4. 1991 gosh I wasn't born yet back then, that was at the time of the production of "Beauty and the Beast" before it's release in November.