Friday, July 28, 2017

Tex Avery Animals

I love these stylized animal designs from Tex Avery's 1954 short film The Farm of Tomorrow.
I don't know who in Avery's unit came up with the designs, but they are terrific caricatures and graphically solid as a rock.
This is what Wikipedia says about the film's plot:

A series of gags showing how much more productive farms would be if farmers started crossbreeding their animals to create weird (but very useful) hybrids. A number of items include,
  • a chicken slot machine
  • sheep with long underwear-like wool
  • corn jumping like Mexican jumping beans
  • cow with a beaver tail

In other words...what's possible today!


  1. Hey Andreas. Poly here, calling you from my vacation. Did you know that Ed Benedict did those animal designs that you posted?

    1. I did not know that. Thanks very much for letting us know. Enjoy your vacation.

    2. Actually Andreas, I'd done some fact-checking. I've looked into iMDB. It is that Gene Hazelton designed these animal graphics, too.

      For example, the cow's Ed Benedict's, while the beaver is Gene Hazelton's, due to the rounded and cuter appeal in its design. Happy New Year.

    3. Thanks for the update! Happy New Year!

  2. Hi Andreas - all your emails I have for you are bouncing - would you mind dropping me an email? Thanks, Chris Merritt

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