Wednesday, August 23, 2017

From Story Sketch to Final Frame

It's always interesting to compare a story sketch to the way the final film frame turned out.
If you take story man Bill Peet's work, you'll find out that layout and animation poses are extremely close to what need up on the screen. That's because Peet gave a lot of thought in his sketches regarding character personality, scene continuity and overall staging.
Because of this the animators loved working from his story drawings, the scenes were practically half done.
The scene above was animated by Frank Thomas.

Next up is John Lounsbery with his beautiful animation of Madame Mim as a rhino and Merlin as a crab.

Eric Larson animated Mim as a dragon. Here she finds out that she cought a virus named Merlin.

Other story artists were often less thoughtful when it came to posing the characters or good staging in general. I have copies of some of the storyboards for the animated sections of Bedknobs and Broomsticks. Here the animators had their hands full in translating the story sketches into quality images for the final animation.


  1. Any chance to see some of those storyboards, Mr. Deja?

  2. I just emailed you and it bounced back. :( Brian Leung

  3. I hope you collect all the sketches Andreas, do you have a all the dissing in your own studio.

  4. Do you have some animation art, story sketch or visual development art of AristoCats? I'm just into alley cats recently because of a dream I had, and doing a drawing of this trend. I know Billy the Cat TV animated series supported this feeling

    1. Go to blog search, in the top left corner of this page, and type in Aristocats.

  5. Find die Skizzen besser! Direkter, witziger.

  6. Hey Andreas, how are you? I love your post, but can you please post your Bedknobs and Broomsticks sketches on your next post? Thanks.

  7. Great Post and is there any way to send you a thank you letter for your incredible animation work at Disney and your recent projects?

  8. I have all of Bill Peet's children's books in my classroom at school. I'm amazed at how much personality he can fit into still drawings.

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