Sunday, December 31, 2017

Disney's Christmas Carol 1957

From Mc'Calls magazine, many years before the animated Mickey's Christmas Carol.
My guess is that the images were sketched by Bill Peet and then painted by one of the studio's background painters (some of them did illustration of Disney stories for Golden Books).

Happy New Year!

Here's hoping that this will be my year of the tiger...


  1. I wish you the happiest 2018! Happy new year! I wish for you a happy Mushka year :)

    1. I preferred 2015 because the live action of Cinderella was released in March and I was 22 years old that's why I like 2015 better than now.

    2. I mean I was 21 years old a half in 2015 before I turn 22 in August.

  2. Happy holidays Andreas! And thanks allot for sharing this! That was an excellent adaption of Charles Dickens.

  3. I bought a tiger calendar, so I'm ready for it! Wishing you success with Mushka and all of 2018!

  4. Just beautiful artwork! The warmth of the design, color style and composition gives it great charm.