Monday, February 12, 2018

Classic Disney Animation Roughs

Rough drawings from various Disney productions offered at recent a animation auctions.
I always find it interesting to see individual drawing styles by the animators. 
Marc Davis drew Maleficent very clean, as did most everybody on Sleeping Beauty. Because of the specific style in the characters' design the animators didn't trust their clean up artists to interpret their roughs. That meant drawing as clean as you possibly could.

A powerful Woolie Reitherman rough from the rat sequence at the end of the film.Woolie's last animation before becoming a director.

One of Milt Kahl's lovely Wendy drawings. He did not enjoy the assignment, but as usual he did an amazing job interpreting Kathryn Beaumont's live action reference.

Woolie also animated action scenes with Captain Hook and Perter Pan.
John Musker believes that this sequence is John Lounsbery's work. Nope, it's Woolie.

Oh boy, Eric Larson felt so bad about his animation of the prince in Cinderella. He told me he'd like to do it over again.

This drawing is from a Marc Davis Scene. (Not sure about the hand holding the letter.) But overall Marc's animation of Cinderella is breathtaking.

Fred Moore animated the Three Little Wolves in the this 1936 short film. Just beautiful!!

A clean up study by Iwao Takamoto over Marc Davis' animation. Shapes and lines in perfect harmony.

Bill Tylta animated the sequence before and during the "washing up section." Gorgeous animation that needed top clean up artists to finish it off.

A  Fred Moore rough animation drawing. So full of life, and such an intuitive feeling for the character.


We are standing on the shoulders of giants!!


  1. These are really awesome! I love using these in the morning to practice my sketching skills. Much appreciated.

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  4. What was it about that Hook scene that made it hard to tell if it was Woolie or John Lounsbery?

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  6. This is awesome! Love your blog! Keep it up!

  7. These are great! I love your blog! Thank you, and keep it up!