Thursday, April 12, 2018

Prince John Goes Berserk

A beautiful scene with Prince John, animated by Ollie Johnston. The character is very consistent throughout the film -drawing and personality wise- because Ollie handled just about every scene with Prince John. 
Here at the beginning of the archery tournament he says:
"That insolent blackguard...ooh...I'll show him who wears the crown.". 

The film's draft gives the following description:
MCU - Prince John reacting to the mention of Robin Hood's name - slams paw down on arm of chair, which causes crown to bounce off his head and down into position covering eyes.

The action goes great with the dialogue, because obviously he is not wearing the crown very well.
I also love how fast he raises his arms on "ooh", he goes from being upset to severe outrage.
Great overlap on the heavy sleeves.

Did anybody notice that up until frame 60 Prince John has five "fingers", but from then on shows only four?


  1. I love how Ollie handled this character. Today is actually the 10th anniversary of his passing, so it's a nice excuse to look back on his stuff. Cheers!

  2. Not just Prince John, but nearly all the characters in Robin Hood switch from four fingers to five quite often.

    1. I recall the Sheriff of Nottingham getting five in one scene. It's almost like they forget since they've animated humans all the time and forgot they were doing animals meant to have four. I guess it just didn't matter as much as it made for nice observation 40-50 years later!

  3. It's odd when they forget. Pick one or the other, please!

  4. I wonder what milt would have said to Olli about the fingers? ;)

  5. Love this post!Thank you Adreas. Cheers!