Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Frank & Ollie

I just found this photo of Frank and Ollie online, and it brought back some memories.
It looks like they both are promoting the release of Snow White on home video.
Frank is wearing a Bambi sweater, while Ollie chose a Jungle Book shirt. Well, I gave Ollie that shirt, which I purchased years ago in Germany. The images are from scenes, he animated. And they were beautifully embroidered. (The Jungle Book still holds the record in Germany for most movie tickets ever sold.)
This is really how I remember both of them, in their retirement,  still full of passion for animated drawings. I miss them.


  1. I'm agree with you Andreas, but i read the book of Charles Solomon of "The Making of Beauty and the Beast" that Frank & Ollie work it on this movie in the 1940s and 1950s but thay worked on the first act before you and Don Hahn work on the second act it's pretty strange that why thay didn't not continue with you and your colleagues, did Frank & Ollie saw Beauty and the Beast ?.

  2. I miss them, too. The world was a better place when they were still here.

    1. True it was much more better than now because of all the Technology that people have it its getting very worse and annoying than before, we nee the old Art Fashion back just like in the 1940s and 1990s Styles like Bambi or Beauty and the Beast.

  3. Hi Mr. Andreas Deja. Thank you for keep alive this blog. Right now in front of me is your great book The Nine Old Men. I love Frank, Ollie and others and it's sad that I dont have to chance to meet them any more. But you, Eric Goldberg, Glen Ken, Aaron Blaise, and some other great animator are out there and keep spirit of those nine guys alive! Thank you for that and maby I will have chance to meet you some day, maby on CTN 2018? I am animator from Poland if you find some time take a look at my curent work in 3D Ps. I love your Villain work Scar, Jafar, and and nicer ones Roger Rabbit, Hercules you are my 10 not so old man ;). I also like Animate some dark side characters so I was lead animator on this movie Bloody Sunday. Hope you will enjoy it (is in Polish) olmost win Animago in Germany. Link Below.
    Thank you for inspiration and amazing work you did. Robert Zjawinski Animator from Poland

  4. Funny how just two days ago I rewatched "Frank & Ollie." I remember discovering "The Illusion of Life" and it subsequently becoming one of my all time favorite books.
    Where I was attending college long ago, there was a building named The Frank Thomas Building. One day I mentioned it to one of my teachers, that the building was named for the father of one of Disney's greatest animators. Sadly, this teacher (from the art department no less), had no idea who Frank Thomas was.

  5. What a wonderful picture--and such a great story to go along with it. Thank you!