Monday, July 30, 2018

Busch Magazine Covers

For this post I am borrowing illustrations by Wilhelm M. Busch from Hans Bacher's blog:

I think they are magnificent. Sternchen (Little Star) was for a while a supplement children's magazine within Stern, a leading weekly German publication still operating today.
These illustrations helped visualize stories that were included in each issue.
Staging, composition, draughtsmanship...there is so much to admire here. Busch (1908 - 1987) was a fantastic storyteller, and I wished I could hire him for one of my upcoming projects.


  1. Genius. The man loved the triangular shape.

  2. Hi Andreas, I believe there is somewhere where it is possible to buy the same animation paper that was used back at Disney in the days of traditional animation. Aaron Blaise mentioned in a live stream that he has a guy who orders it for him. Do you happen to know of where it comes from by any chance?


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  4. I don't recognize at once that I have some of his artworks at home.

    When I see the nice illustrations of Sternchen and than his artworks in my book "Giacomo Casanova - Geschichte meines Lebens" I realize how versatile M. Busch was.