Thursday, August 30, 2018

More Kley Illustrations

I just came across these beautiful Heinrich Kley drawings. I hadn't seen them before. The first one features a theme often applied by Kley, modern progress against nature.
I know lizards can grow their tail back...not so sure about crocodiles.

This one is titled Two lovely Beasts.

This is a great drawing, but I don't understand the Bavarian sounding caption. So I won't even try to translate? Anybody in Germany?

Either a sketchbook page or a study for a painting.


  1. The Bavarian text under the title "The Faun" means "Sie, Fräulein, bräuchten Sie vielleicht ein Modell für einen Sittlichkeitsapostel?" in German or "Excuse me, Lady, do you need a model for a moralizer (literally an apostle of moral)?" in English.
    Also thank you for sharing the great art!

  2. Heinrich Kleys humoristic artwork is pure inspiration for me!!!
    Thanks for sharing it, Mr Deja! :-)
    Before I saw his work in your Blog I prefer art by Franz Marc, the jungle pictures by Henri Rousseau and the girls und young women by Pierre Auguste Renoir or Alfons Mucha.

    Mainstream-Art perhaps but beautiful and fantastic! :-)