Monday, October 1, 2018

Spectacular Kley

I believe this piece by Heinrich Kley was offered on Ebay a while ago. And it sold for a lot!
But for all the right reasons, as this really is a magnificent drawing.
Kley used to occasionally copy his own drawings for fans who loved the unavailable original.
But a re-drawn sketch never has the vitality of the first version.
This one IS the first version! You can see lines that search for perfect anatomy and composition.
One of my all time favorite Kley illustrations.


  1. This is a stunning image indeed. It's one of the artwork that not only tell a story but each area of the drawing tells a different story per se. So it's a multiple area storytelling image. Amazing!

  2. ah, I love that dynamic form! The twisting in the alligator's body is super nice.

    By the way, this popular youtube channel just made a video about Disney animation, that uses a lot of stuff from your blog (including a Hercules scene of yours')
    It's a lovely video anyway

    1. Yes. I am truly curious about what your thoughts are on this video Deja?

      Love your blog! Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts on this great medium.

  3. I like both artworks.
    But it's a shame that I need much more than one look to perceive the difference.
    I know that I was better in every way...