Wednesday, November 21, 2018


I just love this cel from the Silly Symphony Three Little Wolves from 1936. There is little doubt that Fred Moore animated this scene, in which two little wolves pester one of the pigs.
The whole situation is child-like without being childish. The staging of the scene is so beautiful, two bullies messing with one of the pigs.
I have a big smile on my face  looking at this image, because Naughty meets Innocence in a very entertaining manner. You just want to smack these two brats and have them leave the pig alone.
Sincere animation in contrast to Warner Brothers characters at that time, who often acted in a cynical and sarcastic way. (I love Warner's animation as well, because it differentiated itself from Disney's wholesomeness.)
But there is something special about this cel, because the business of the scene is truly based on real situations.
I wished that entertaining, graphic animation like this still existed.


  1. Hey Andreas, could I ask you some questions about your work on Lilo & Stitch? It's for a non-commercial youtube video.
    For reference, here's an example of one of my videos
    The topics are more about studying animation than a movie review or biography.
    Obviously I understand if you can't, or don't want to do it

    1. I've just been digging through the recent Heritage auction listings, and there are HUNDREDS of incredible things, like the above cel. Anyone reading, go and see for yourself!