Saturday, December 22, 2018

Merry Christmas

... Happy Holidays to all of you!
This is a vintage photo to promote Disney's 1967 release of The Jungle Book.
Thumper is a trifle oversized in the back, but who cares...
Growing up in Germany meant that any Disney animated release (or re-release) was around Christmas time. That's why it is impossible for me to separate Christmas from Disney.
Best time of the year by far!!

During this holiday season we are working hard to push our 1/2 hour film MUSHKA to the finish line. I think we need one more year. There is plenty to do, but also plenty has been finished.
Recently a lot of new color scenes have been added to the reel, and I am beyond ecstatic.
We are using TV Paint, so the characters drawings need to be opaqued in white first, before getting the color treatment. We then add minimal highlights and shadows as well as some color pencil texture and film grain.
Beate, Ambrose and Ihabo, thank you so much for your hard work to get the characters to color.
And Natalie, your background paintings are always breathtaking. The look of the film is so beyond what I had imagined.
Matthieu, your staging and continuity work is stunning.
Courtney and Andreas WT, thanks so much for your outstanding animation.
Daniel, your effects animation is FANTASIA like.
And Richard Sherman, you are THE inspiration for our film. Your musical contributions are miraculous. I pinch myself every single day, realizing that you and your brother Robert wrote the soundtrack to my childhood. And to have you write music for MUSHKA is beyond words.
Fabrizio, thank you for arranging Richard's music, and for scoring our film, you are the greatest!
And of course a special thanks to my partner Roger, who wears so many hats on this production.
Editing, prepping BG work and X-sheeets, sound etc.

Here is a frame from MUSHKA, just taken off my TV screen.

© Andreas Deja


  1. So excited to hear about your progress with your film, Andreas and I can't wait to see it completed. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a fantastic 2019, which will be important to you as you finish Mushka.


  2. Amazing! I've seen some of Andreas Wessel Therton's stuff before and he's super good!
    In the UK they always show all the Aardman stuff at Christmas, so I have a similar association there.
    Anyway thanks for all the posts this year, good luck with the rest of the film, and have a lovely holiday, Andreas!

  3. awesome scene!!!
    Are you going to share an animation sketch?

  4. Those backgrounds are amazing! Thank you so much for making this film (and to everyone working on it). I'm so excited for this labor of love. Thanks for this blog as well. I discovered it 3 years ago and look forward to it every week!

  5. Fröhliche Weihnachten! Wir sind alle sooo gespannt!

  6. Ughhhh, I don't think I can wait that long! :)

    Happy New Year, good sir!

  7. Can't wait to see it finished :-)

  8. I like to read CREDITS like this! ;-)

    I wish you and your team a successfully year 2019! :-)

  9. A blessed Happy Birthday to you!!! I just read Mushka was a future releases. Am excited, and eagerly await its release!!