Tuesday, January 22, 2019

...and Another Kley

As so often with Heinrich Kley art, you wonder about the meaning behind the illustration.
Depicted here is a female nude presumably flirting with an oversized semi-nude man, while riding a rhinoceros.
Unlike Frazetta's sexually charged drawings and paintings, Kley's nudes always look innocent and wholesome.
I believe that for this watercolor drawing he just let his mind meander, perhaps starting the illustration at one point without knowing what the final result might look like.
In any case, this Kley is a feast for the eyes.


  1. ooh that's interesting! some of the strokes show the form's planes, some of them show the direction of the light, and some show the flow of the pose

  2. Hhm...I know what you mean with "...he just let his mind meander...".
    It seems for me that the rhino, the nude man and the nude woman don't belong to each other.
    He and she don't look at each other eyes.
    And the rhino...It doesn't stop to move...