Thursday, January 10, 2019

Milt Kahl Moves

A great self caricature of Milt Kahl announcing his change of address. Not sure exactly when this occurred, but I have a way of finding out. I googled the address and these images came up.

PS This image was offered on eBay a while ago. I believe it is a tracing of Milt's original ink drawing.
Here is a version from online, which I believe to be the original.


  1. Didn't they use a small version of that drawing in The Illusion of Life?

  2. ah, I've seen this drawing before, but didn't get the context.
    I'm guessing this is from the 1960's, because he looks a bit like his own designs from the period. (The Sword in the Stone, especially).
    Also I just read about your upcoming Mickey exhibition. I'm glad you're doing it, because no doubt you will include juicy rough drawings! I hope you include some of your own work too

  3. I have had a copy of the one a the bottom for many years and to me it is better drawn than the one at the top. Maybe he drew both but in any case I prefer the one at the bottom.

    1. I think the first one is a tracing by an non professional. Look at the hand, Milt would never draw it like this.

    2. Yes, you are totally right, Andreas, Milt would never draw hands that way even if he wanted. It's definitely someone's else tracing.

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