Friday, February 8, 2019

Freddie Friday

Nothing better than to end the week with some Fred Moore art. The first image is dedicated to Milt Banta, a Disney writer, and his bride Ginny. Banta worked on many short films and a few features, his last one being Sleeping Beauty. He was born in in London in 1908 and died in Pasadena, California, in 1959 at age 51.

Next up a sketch by Moore of Mickey in Fantasia. Fred was animation supervisor on the Sorcerer's apprentice, I don't believe he did any animation himself. So this drawing would be done in support of somebody else's scene.

A terrific publicity sketch for The Three Caballeros. It was sold at auction for $3000 a few years ago.
Signed Frederic Moore...

A lovely sketch of one of Freddie's girls. Rough and unfinished, it gives away his intuitive thought process when drawing the human figure. A young genius at work.


  1. I remember reading that Freddie said, referring to Milt Kahl, "My God that Milt can draw. Jesus!" But I would like to return that compliment by saying, "Holy Crap that Freddie Moore could draw. Chester Cheesus!" (Since I'm wary of using the G and/or J word)

  2. Love Freddie Moore, thanks for posting