Saturday, March 2, 2019

Dr. Facilier

This might come as a surprise to you, but I was involved in a bunch of scenes featuring Dr. Facilier in The Princess and the Frog.
I remember that at the time story material and layouts for Mama Odie were still being worked on.
So I was asked to help out in the Facilier unit, which was lead by Bruce Smith, an amazing animator.
These are some of the scenes I animated. I drew the reacting characters as well.
I recall that two or three of my scenes were cut in order to improve story continuity. And Bruce re-animated a couple of my scenes because my timing wasn't up to Facilier.

But I really enjoyed animating him in this terrific, spooky Voodoo sequence .


  1. That's an amazing amount of scenes. I always liked the small detail of the skull on the top head vanishing when Facilier put on the skull make-up. Wasn't there a cut plot point about that having a significance to his voodoo powers?
    About the scene with the green mist, did you animate the colourful voodoo patterns superimposed over Facilier's face where the swirls obscure him as well?

  2. That villain song is such a cool sequence! It must have been satisfying to see it come through with those mad colour palettes.
    And yeah, Bruce Smith is amazing. That big gorilla in Tarzan is super impressive

  3. So that's Vanessa, Yzma, Queen Narissa, Alameda Slim and now, Dr Facilier. Hmm... your unofficial villain count is through the roof! Reason why I say unofficial is...well, we all know who your official villain assignments were.

  4. I loved Dr. Facilier. Wished the movie was about him.

  5. I got a quick question, and please don't overlook this, but is there any character animator overlap between Dumbo and Bambi aside from the FX animators, CY Young and John Sewell?

    1. I know that in the opening credits of the two films, the list of animators is completely different, but any that didn't recieve screen credit for Bambi?

    2. Bambi and Dumbo were different production units. Animators' casting tells you who Walt thought would be most efficient on each film.
      I do believe though that Tytla would have been up to the challenge of Bambi's realism.

  6. Hands are face are very expressive and well coordinated. Seems like composition was often considered with their placement,too.

    From the master animator of villains!

  7. Gro├čartig! Du bist wirklich einer der besten Animatoren. :)

  8. I love Facilier's hands, must have been fun and difficult to get that expression involved. And this is such fun scene