Thursday, June 20, 2019

Lounsbery Dogs

Lady & the Tramp is one of those films in which John Lounsbery's talents fired on all cylinders.
I would say that after his work on Fantasia (Ben Ali Gator) this is another high in his career.
Brilliant drawing and acting on Bull, with moving flesh, wrinkles and all. Beautifully timed to the voice of Bill Thompson.
Louns also animated all scenes with Tony and Joe at the Italian restaurant.

This whole sequence at the zoo's entrance was also animated by Lounsbery.

A few years later he drew scenes with Danny, the great dane, voiced by George Pelling.

Thanks again to Wil for the scans of these terrific drawings.
Here is the link to my first post on John Lounsbery from 2011:

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  1. the acting in Lady and the Tramp is in a league of its own. the widescreen element really makes it stand out as well. btw, i literally exclaimed with delight when i saw your name on the Jungle Book commentary after receiving the blu-ray today, lol. i love your insights and energy and enthusiasm, and your commentary tracks are hands down some of my favorite sources of information and knowledge. hope you’ll continue to do them!