Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Mickey at the Walt Disney Family Museum

It is so much fun watching kids (and adults) as they sketch their own version of Mickey Mouse at the W. Disney Family Museum in San Francisco.
As I mentioned before I had the pleasure of guest-curating the exhibition, which runs until January.
One of the most fun things I did for the show was recording a commentary track to a large number of Mickey Mouse film clips with none other than Eric Goldberg!
We did this one Sunday afternoon as we dove back into Disney history and the creation of those cartoons. From Steamboat Willie and The Little Whirlwind all the way to Get A Horse.
These clips can be seen and listened to on a large interactive monitor.

 An original cel set up from The Nifty Nineties.

A large section covers Mickey on TV, including The Mickey Mouse Club phenomenon.

An original cel from the animated title sequence.

Mickey in Modern Art includes this amazing painting by Austrian-Irish artist Gottfried Helnwein.

The evolution of Mickey in the Disney theme parks over the years.

Here is my earlier post on Mickey Mouse: From Walt to the World

Banners with infos about the exhibit all over town.


  1. Ah, I saw this youtube video with you giving a tour
    There's a lot of real priceless stuff in there!

  2. 'Hope to see this at the end of the month when I'm on the west coast! Thanks Marc Hendry for the video link as well!

  3. Truly amazing and breathtaking!

  4. There's one problem with the cel shown from the original title sequence. I looked at the video of the part where mickey is on the tarp being thrown up by the other disney characters and the frame which has the correct mickey position and the frame which has the correct character positions aren't at the same time. I think someone chose the wrong cel layers at the museum.

    1. These character levels are from the same scene. It was not uncommon for Disney to release cel levels which did not match the exact frame. But you get the emotional impact from this set up anyway.

    2. True enough. And thanks for the reply. You're an inspiration and legend

  5. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hk35ufdSoAx5EzGTBiZP0K4OPSOpKoPOQLmJ1IkCMEo/edit?usp=sharing

  6. This link is a google doc i made showing the mystery